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  1. Death rattle The Regency Ballroom in memory of Chuck Schuldiner (VIA Examiner.com)

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    Death rattle The Regency Ballroom in memory of Chuck Schuldiner – San Francisco Music News | Examiner.com.

    Death plays at The Beacham on June 30th.


    Death rattle The Regency Ballroom in memory of Chuck Schuldiner

    Members of the band Death, considered a pioneering force in death metal and grindcore by the music community, will reunite for a handful of shows kicking off at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco Friday, June 22.

    The tour will next move on to the House of Blues in Los Angeles and Chicago, then play New York City’s Irving Plaza before winding down at The Beacham in Orlando for what is currently the tour’s final stop.
    Tickets for the San Francisco show are $28 in advance and $32 day of. Doors open at 8 p.m. and showtime is 9 p.m. Special guest is Gorguts.


    Click Here

    The five-city tour, called Death To All Tour 2012, celebrates the life and music of Death founder Chuck Schuldiner whose life was cut short when he died December 13, 2001 at the age of 34 from brain cancer. The shows benefits Sweet Relief Musicians Fund – a charity that provides financial assistance to career musicians faced with illness, disability or age-related problems.

    In 1999, Schuldiner had been diagnosed with a high-grade pontine glioma, a malignant type of cancer that invades the brainstem. Although he underwent a successful surgery to remove the tumor, the cancer returned years later. The first surgery left the guitarist and his family with a financial debt of over $70,000. The metal community rallied with auctions, benefits concerts and fundraisers to help offset the cost.
    A cash strapped Schuldiner was denied the second surgery when it was learned the family took out medical insurance after his first surgery and therefore it was a pre-existing condition (the tumor existed before and insurance refused to cover the surgery).

    While Schuldiner received chemotherapy, musician friends stepped up and in the summer of 2001 members of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Korn auctioned off personal items to help raise money. Schuldiner contracted pneumonia in early November and died a month later.

    Touring members of Death include: drummers Gene Hoglan (Individual Thought Patterns/Symbolic) and Sean Reinert (Human); bassists Steve DiGiorgio (Human/Individual Thought Patterns) and Scott Clendenin (The Sound of Perseverance); and guitarists Paul Masvidal (Human), Shannon Hamm (The Sound of Perseverance) and Bobby Koelble (Symbolic).

    Death Tour Dates

    06/22 – The Regency Ballroom – San Francisco, CA

    06/23 – House of Blues – Los Angeles, CA

    06/26 – House of Blues – Chicago, IL

    06/28 – Irving Plaza – New York City, NY

    06/30 – The Beacham – Orlando, FL

  2. show preview: Curren$y at The Beacham, Friday June 15

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    Curren$y album art

    Since his earlier days of rapping alongside New Orleans rapper Lil
    Wayne, Curren$y has been a very notable voice in hip-hop. His status
    increased even more as he released his much acclaimed Ski Beatz
    produced record, Pilot Talk, as well as his sequel album later that
    same year, laying down lazy, well-thought out rhymes over dreamy and
    smooth production. Curren$y seems to flawlessly release new material
    every month, delivering mixtapes and guest appearances heavy in
    between solid album releases. The Stoned Immaculate marks the very
    first “major,” release from the New Orleans native, and his forth
    effort for 2012.

    Yet, as much material as the rapper seems to be releasing, he doesn’t
    seem to ever decrease in quality. The Stoned Immaculate doesn’t show
    any crumbling by Curren$y’s talent or flow, but rather a continuation
    of his constant and steady effort in hip-hop. This album is Curren$y’s
    most polished and well rounded work to date, delivering the consistent
    stoner-smooth jams the rapper is well known for with an additional
    number of guest appearances.

    In fact, one of the only downsides to the album is that it may
    actually have too much guest appearances. Of the 13 tracks, 10 of them
    have guest appearances, with the digital version of the album holding
    16 tracks with 11 songs featuring other rappers. Curren$y’s drifting
    voice works well on the beats provided for The Stoned Immaculate, but
    some of the other rappers don’t stack up as high. On “What It Look
    Like,” Wale’s voice sticks out a little more noticeably than Curren$y,
    sounding somewhat obnoxious on the hook. Wiz Khalifa makes two
    appearances, providing one hit and one miss for the album. The rappers
    themselves aren’t all terrible, but these beats are meant for the
    smooth-talking Curren$y at times and are a bit unsuitable for company.

    The guests aren’t all sloppy, however. Wiz Khalifa did serve a great
    verse on the album’s theme song “Jet Life,” alongside rapper Big
    K.R.I.T., who also produced the song. 2 Chainz did very well on
    “Capitol,” slowly rapping and stumbling with every syllable the way
    the Georgia rapper is known for, while spitting somewhat clichéd lines
    that provide guilty pleasures to listeners (You know I do it like I’m
    doing it for Dew/Watch the shoes, ostrich, you know what time it is
    like 2 watches). In “No Squares,” Curren$y takes his title as one of
    the hardest working rappers in the game (Spokes pokin’/I should be the
    “weed don’t stop me from workin” spokesperson/Cause I get it in,
    stoned, active like a sober person runnin”). The production by Daz
    Dillinger, Tony P, Bink!, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League, Pharrell, and many
    others are all solid and created a very perfectly rounded mix for the
    entire album, providing Curren$y with southern drum heavy patterns,
    mildly lazy flute/synth loops and a high volume of spazzy jazz

    Curren$y is definitely known for rapping alongside his production in a
    very lazy manner, almost blending into the background while riding the
    wave of each beat. This is something not all rappers can do and what
    most strive for. This could be either a gift or curse for the hip-hop
    artist though, since some of his lines may come up missing as he’s
    homogeneous to his production and his voice is inseparable to the
    flows on some songs.

    But as the album title states, Curren$y proves himself to be
    immaculate, effortless spitting rhymes about the finest herb, the
    hottest girls, and the fastest cars he handles on a daily basis. The
    subject matter may not be new at all for hip-hop, but it does seem
    perfected by the rapper, and the delivery makes it a fresh listen.
    This album is exactly what you would expect from the N.O. artist with
    plenty more to offer.

    Keytracks: “Chandelier,” “Privacy Glass,” “Jet Life,” “No Squares”

    Kevin Cortez, Staff writer for Brink Magazine.
    Please pick up a copy of Brink Magazine or check out http://brinkmagonline.com/

  3. Concert review: Lucero, Soul Rebels at the Beacham – Soundboard Music Blog – Orlando Sentinel

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    Concert review: Lucero, Soul Rebels at the Beacham – Soundboard Music Blog – Orlando Sentinel.

    Jim Abbott’s review of last week’s Lucero / Soul Rebels show at The Beacham.


    Concert review: Lucero, Soul Rebels at the Beacham

    “You can’t really follow the Soul Rebels,” Lucero lead singer Ben Nichols told the crowd in the opening moments of the band’s headlining set on Thursday at the Beacham.

    Yeah, at the moment, it was hard to imagine how Lucero’s meat-and-potatoes mixture of rock, country and Memphis-style R&B could compete with the hourlong, high-energy, New Orleans street-party offered by the Soul Rebels.

    Yet, somehow, the wildly diverse elements all came together to yield a generous, emotionally charged show with more than its share of high points.

    Soul Rebels, a brass band that carries on and expands the tradition of such Big Easy legends at the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, specializes in hitching its brassy style to pop songs  such as the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams Are Made of This.”

    That song and the boisterous cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” were powered by the explosive drums-and-tuba rhythm section that makes so much of the Soul Rebels material so infectiously irresistible.

    In songs such as “504,”  ”Turn It Up” and ”Night People,” the Rebels embraced hip-hop and demonstrated effortless showmanship with the band members’ occasional loose-limbed choreography.

    (It was also cool to see the band introduced on stage by their manager, Adam Shipley, who used to book shows in the same room before moving to New Orleans many years ago.)

    A tough act to follow, but Lucero tackled the challenge with a swaggering set that showcased the band’s deceptively simple style with easy self-assurance. It helped that the sound mix was precise enough to emphasize the mix of guitars and keyboards and keep the lead vocals comfortably on top of the instruments.

    “On My Way Downtown,” “Nights Like These” a raucous “Kiss the Bottle” and other songs put an earthy exclamation point on a terrific night of music.

  4. Beach House – “Myth” (VIA Stereogum)

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    Beach House Bloom Details

    via Beach House – “Myth” – Stereogum.

    Beach House play at The Beacham on May 9th.

    Beach House – “Myth”

    Just after midnight, via @BeacccheHoussse, comes a track called “Myth.” It is presumably from their forthcoming Sub Pop LP, and assuredly right up your alley if you are into the Beach House brand of swelling sentimentality and/or the room-filling vocals of Victoria Legrand. (Possibly true fact: “Legrand” is French for “the grand.”) Dig in, and then repeat, because it is lovely:

    The song’s streaming on beachhousebaltimore.com, too.

    Thanks for the tip, Stephen.

  5. Album Review: Lucero – Women & Work « Consequence of Sound

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    Album Review: Lucero – Women & Work « Consequence of Sound.

    Lucero play with guests Soul Rebels at The Beacham on Thursday, May 24.


    Album Review: Lucero – Women & Work

    By Charlie Duerr on March 20th, 2012 in Album Reviews

    If there are two things that the veteran road dogs in Lucero know, it’s women and work. Love them or hate them, the Memphis natives have been one of the hardest working bands of the last 10 years—on tour significantly more days than they are not—and from the seemingly countless number of songs frontman Ben Nichols has penned about bad love, women have clearly played some major roles in those long days and late nights.While these have been familiar jumping off points throughout the band’s career, sonically they continue their departure—which began with 2009’s 1372 Overton Park—from sparse country-punk to a more lush, soulful rock ‘n’ roll band. Women is awash in pedal steel, organ chords, horns, and even, on closer “Go Easy”, a backing gospel choir. Aesthetically, these various elements work best on the jangly “Women & Work” and the driving “On My Way Downtown”, with the latter finding Nichols trying to convince a girl to come downtown for a drink and a dance. It’s a vintage Nichols sentiment—let’s have fun tonight and worry about tomorrow in the morning.

    But as in real life, all that partying eventually leads to some pretty dark mornings, and Women has no shortage of somber moments. “When I Was Young” deals with the perils of getting older over a cyclical, arpeggiated riff, and “It May Be Too Late” is a honky-tonk ballad sung from an empty bar, as the narrator drinks and waits on a girl to save him. These moments are some of Lucero’s most affecting; it’s hard to accuse this band of being anything but earnest and authentic, but as in real life, the party songs are more fun than the hangover.

    Essential tracks: “On My Way Downtown” and “Women & Work”

  6. Lucero :: Women & Work :: Paste mPlayer

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    Lucero :: Women & Work :: Paste mPlayer.

    hear Lucero play with guests Soul Rebels Brass Band on Thursday, May 24.



    Women & Work

    By Kristen Blanton

    Memphis Americana group Lucero’s ninth studio album Women & Work is a parachute of interwoven themes of working women, work and men who work and love their women.

    It’s been a long time since 1998, and with the growing years Lucero’s sound has evolved from their identifying restrained playing to a sonic layering comprised of vibrating guitars, joyous horns and quicktime keys.

    Women & Work’s “On My Way Downtown” has lead vocalist Ben Nichols prodding, “come on baby, don’t you wanna go, wanna go? I ain’t looking for forever I’m not asking for your hand, I’m just on my way downtown and I thought I’d take a chance.” Saturated with catchy energetic key arrangements and honky-tonk lyrics, “Women & Work” captures the Deep South’s unabashed will to two-step, drink booze and smash televisions (as Nichols promises) under a canopy of good company.

    “It May Be Too Late” tells a story of unrequited love and self-reflection, while “Juniper” holds a mirror to the lonesomeness lust brings. Nichols continually grunts, groans and pleads through his rusty, catch-all vocals, though some tracks fail to resonate. While themes begin to feel overworked during the middle tracks, the piano solo of “Like Lightning” starts off the jam track and then we’re back—full attention and ears are directed to the twangy, good-vibe lyrics “don’t go wasting lightning.”

    The six-piece has restrained its punk traditions on this 2012 album, bridging the transition between the shadow of the past and the prospects for the anti-pop future. The contradiction is the very foundation of their Americana roots—a mixture of a retrospective eye and solace of the future rounds out the album with final track “Go Easy.” The hymnal tells us, “we’ll find our way” with backing female vocals and an atmospheric church choir awareness.

    Chocked with perspectives, inexpensive times and homegrown storytelling, Women & Work is the perfect album for when you’re on your way to a family reunion and hoping your country family will be appreciative of your taste in music.

  7. Portugal. The Man to Headline Jägermeister Tour This Spring – ARTISTdirect News

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    Portugal. The Man to Headline Jägermeister Tour This Spring – ARTISTdirect News.

    Jagermeister music tour with Portugal. The Man and guests The Lonely Forest hit the Beacham, Thursday, April 12th.


    Portugal. The Man to Headline Jägermeister Tour This Spring

    Wed, 25 Jan 2012 13:49:25

    Portugal. The Man to Headline Jägermeister Tour This Spring - The Lonely Forest are also on the bill

    Portugal. The Man Photos

    • Portugal. The Man - BALA CYNWYD, PA - OCTOBER 24: John Gourley of Portugal. The Man performs at the Radio 104.5 Performance Theater on October 24, 2011 in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.
    • Portugal. The Man - BALA CYNWYD, PA - OCTOBER 24: (L-R) John Gourley, Zachary Carothers, Jason Sechrist and Ryan Neighbors (being held) of Portugal. The Man pose at the Radio 104.5 Performance Theater on October 24, 2011 in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

    more portugal. the man photos »

    Portugal. The Man Videos

    • Portugal. The Man - Head Is A Flame (Cool With It) [Acoustic]
    • Portugal. The Man - Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)

    more portugal. the man videos »

    Jägermeister, a brand as deeply rooted in music as it is in mythology and lore, is proud to announce an upcoming tour with headliner Alaskan rock band Portugal. The Man and supporting act The Lonely Forest. The live shows kick off April 3 and will be in 26 cities across the nation. Jäger tours are usually super metal, but we’ll take this edition!

    Jägermeister, the No. 1 selling imported liqueur in the United States, has a long history of supporting bands, both from a local level to national amphitheater acts. The brand has spent almost two decades developing artists and has seen many go from obscurity to the top of their fields. John Gourley, lead singer of Portugal. The Man said, “We were planning on taking a short break from the road, but Jägermeister presented an opportunity for us to visit a handful of cities that we have not been to in ages, so we jumped at the chance to play these shows.”

    The 2012 Jägermeister Music Tour will feature Jägermeister custom tour prizes from Schecter Guitars and Peavey Electronics. For more information on Jägermeister, visit www.jager.com. Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 27.

    Will you enjoy a shot of Jäger and this tour?

    —Katie Sheehan

  8. Mat Kearney Concert Setlist at The Beacham, Orlando on January 27, 2012 | setlist.fm

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    Mat Kearney Concert Setlist at The Beacham, Orlando on January 27, 2012 | setlist.fm.

    1. Encore:
    2. (Adèle cover)
  9. THEOPHILUS LONDON: The Visual, Visceral, Visionary (VIA LX-GOODS.com)

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    THEOPHILUS LONDON: The Visual, Visceral, Visionary | LX-GOODS.com.

    Theophilus London performs at The Social, Wednesday, Feb 1.


    THEOPHILUS LONDON: The Visual, Visceral, Visionary

    THEOPHILUS LONDON: The Visual, Visceral, Visionary

    Interview by Craig Chapman

    Theophilus London was, and is, the vision of his own career, “I was young with no money, all I knew was DIY, I wasn’t waiting around for a label to try to buy into it and wait for a fan base to like it.” It’s this approach combined with his funky style that LX can get down with… read all about him… it was really nothing London.

    I’ve read that visuals are really important to you.  Were you ever on the path to becoming a visual artist?

    I’ve always been a visual person, drama class, art class, and all that shit.  And in life generally I always brought excitement to myself and everyone else around started seeing that.  And now I’m doing it on a bigger scale, like on MTV or playing a show with Vice this weekend… including the Internet, Livestream, brands like Gucci and Nike.  I’m into a lot of visual art.

    Are those two rings you often wear significant?

    One was handmade in Turkey. I like gold jewelry in general.  I think just having stuff for so long kind of tells a story and I’m telling a story with those rings right now.  They’ve been on my hand for about a year now and they’re part of my collection.

    How did you gain your influence from The Smiths?

    Somebody showed me a song … and I thought it was awesome so I decided I wanted to find everything there is to know about this band. So I did.  I got the documentary, read about the producer, and I just became friends with the bassist.  I know a lot about the band firsthand through him.  If you like music you should definitely get into The Smiths at one point.

    What gave you the drive to take on a DIY approach to your career?

    I was young with no money, all I knew was DIY, I wasn’t waiting around for a label to try to buy into it and wait for a fan base to like it. I went and found the fan base myself and continued making music for them.  And DIY is the best way to do it.  It’s very personal and comes straight from the artist, it’s his voice and his vision, and that’s more interesting than anything else.

    How calculated are your efforts in putting things on the Internet?

    Very calculated.  I’ve got a good sense for how it works.  I’m into marketing and demographics, how people hear it when they hear it, if they like it, if they share it, etc.  I think the Internet’s going there with these impressions and percentages, who’s liking what from what country, I’m in full control when it comes to that.

    Do you think that’s important for young artists to pay attention to?


    When you’re writing, how do you decide if a song is going to be a released song or just on a mixtape?

    When I’m making a mixtape I make the mixtape from scratch so it’s not like “alright I just recorded a song so it’s gonna be for a mixtape.” When I’m making a mixtape all those songs make sense to the title or to the vibe when I started recording it.  When I’m recording an album, I sit down for 9 months and work on that project only and I close it when it’s done.

    Were your mixtapes a big part in generating buzz about you?

    Yeah I think that’s the biggest thing and the only thing that generated a buzz until I was getting ready to do the album and announced that. My first mixtape “Jam!” in 2008 was just supposed to be a birthday present for kids who attended my birthday party.  My rap career at that point was just giving music to my friends and performing at showcases and inviting my friends to check it out.  So this mixtape was like “yo I got my own studio in my own house now, here’s mashing up music.” And I wanted to rap on this prince song and remix my friends song. I did it without having to sign any contracts and shit.  I wanted to do it again, my new mixtape came out in 2009 and this one was more based on traveling around the world, (by then) record labels had already got on to me… trying to sign me.  A mixtape was definitely the way people heard about me, it’s an eclectic new way to mix songs together and a new way for an artist to make his own music without a DJ attached to it.  But it’s personal and it’s awesome and kids are into it. I don’t this mixtapes are the way to break artists now because mixtapes come out every day.  There’s always a mixtape out. You provide a tweet but it leaves a timeline, like 5 seconds.  So it’s hard for stuff to stick on kids now so I might be done with that mixtape phase, I’m making albums.

    Any dream mash ups for a mixtape?

    Yeah, I have a new one in the works as we speak, so that’s funny that we’re talking about it.  …like bands? Some stuff that’s gonna come from Jimmy Edgar from Detroit… yeah it’s gonna be a real funky mixtape.

    Your career has kind of been on a fast track… is that true?

    I started when I was young, like 13, but all I was doing was figuring out who I was as a rapper, a songwriter, and an individual.  2008 was my first offering.  People say 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 sounds fast but for me it was four long years of suffering, of being an artist, of performing my craft everywhere on this planet, enjoying the rise, enjoying me walking outside to get a bagel.  Me walking outside to get a bagel in 2008 is different than walking out to get a bagel now.  20 kids stop me to sign their shoes and to sign their breasts, I’m selling out shows so, it’s been good.

    Is there any one person in your life that you’d attribute your vast musical taste?

    It was a little bit of my Dad, but not really.  My cousin’s into the latest mixtapes and latest Jay Z raps but when I became a teenager I was on my own.  It’s about being in the right musical circles and being around brilliant people who introduce me to stuff.  I’ll just be searching on the internet all night looking at artists and I find something new, and when I found something new I’d learn everything about it until there was nothing else to learn about it.  And then I’d move on to the next artist. I appreciated the whole catalogue of work and all of them lead me to learn about another artist. So I never get stuck on one person too long. But I try to stay in the right musical circles. When something hot comes out, before publications know about it and before the labels are trying to sign the kid I probably already know about it.

    If you were to give advice to a young musician or emcee, what would it be?

    Get the right team.  Have the right people around you.  Learn who you are and make sure you really have a good team, producers, managers, and the rest is kind of self-help.


    *painting by Olivia Rogers

    *photos by Jonathan Mannion

    *transcribed by Cari Giard

  10. Portugal. The Man Does Jägermeister (VIA Pollstar)

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    Portugal. The Man Does Jägermeister | Pollstar.

    Portugal. The Man, play The Beacham in April.


    Portugal. The Man Does Jägermeister

    04:01 PM, Monday 1/23/12 Add | 1 |

    Portugal. The Man is headlining the next installment of the Jägermeister Music Tour beginning in early April in Boise, Idaho.

    The psychedelic rock band is touring in support of its sixth studio album, 2011’s In The Mountain In The Cloud. The prolific band, which released its debut full length album, Waiter: “You Vultures!,” in 2006, will be joined on the road for the U.S. dates by supporting act The Lonely Forest.

    After playing St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival and appearing with the Givers in Australia Feb. 4-9, the Jägermeister Music Tour begins April 3 at Boise’s Knitting Factory Concert House. The last date on the routing is May 6 in San Francisco at The Independent.

    Stops along the way include New Orleans’ House Of Blues April 8; Orlando, Fla., at the Beacham Theatre April 12; Athens, Ga., at the Georgia Theatre April 14; Chicago’s Vic Theatre April 17; Baltimore’s Rams Head Live! April 19; Columbus, Ohio, at the Newport Music Hall April 25; and Denver’s Ogden Theatre May 2.

    Pre-sale tickets are on sale now through Portugal. The Man’s website. Tickets go on sale to the public beginning Friday.

    For more information, click here for Portugal. The Man’s website and here for JagermeisterMusicTour.com.