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The Wanted


Tue, January 17, 2012

6:30 pm

The Social


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The Wanted
The Wanted
Make no mistake about it: The Wanted are having the time of their lives. Only a year on
from their huge Number One debut single ‘All Time Low’ and they have already become
one of Britain’s biggest, most brilliant pop bands, living a dream that has far surpassed
even their most optimistic expectations and all with their best mates at their side. Hard
working and quite plainly loving every single second, the band have already notched up
four anthemic Top Five singles and two Number Ones, been viewed a staggering 30
million times on YouTube views and sold 400,000 copies of their eponymous debut
album, which shook pop music to its core upon its release last October. A year on and
The Wanted are now set to shake up the charts all over again with their feverishlyanticipated
second album, a euphoric widescreen classic of epic-pop proportions.
It comes at the end of simply phenomenal 2011, a year that has seen The Wanted become
serious pop players. With their ferociously infectious tunes, rock solid friendship and
laddish charms, they have stamped all over the typical boy band mould and brought a
blast of much-needed fresh air to British pop music. The accolades have followed
accordingly: The ‘Best British Single’ Brit Award nomination for ‘All Time Low’ in
February. The sell-out nationwide ‘Behind Bars’ Tour in March/April. A deal with
prestigious American label Def Jam in April. Slots at the iTunes and V festivals in July
and August, with 15,000 hollering revellers packing out the Big Blue Tent at V for a set
many agreed was a highlight of the festival. All this from a band who started out paying
their dues performing in somewhat dodgy nightclubs and a school tour that took them
across the whole of the UK. Most significantly of all, the five piece even found time over
summer to move out of their two adjoining flats in South London – where they lived in
‘Friends’-style harmony with Jay’s pet lizard Neytiri – and now each live alone, ten
minutes apart, while Max is currently house hunting with his new fiancée, Coronation
Street’s Michelle Keegan. “Basically, we’ve just grown up,” smiles Max.
The change is evident in their sound too: this time round, The Wanted have distilled the
dance floor thrills currently defining planet pop and added their own deliciously unique
twist. Combining the cinematic melodies of second generation Take That with their own
personal musical influences, it is an album that sounds like an immediate classic, yet is
also one very much of the moment. But what else would you expect from a band who
sounds a bit like Coldplay on ‘All Time Low’ yet covered Example’s rave-pop
masterpiece ‘Kickstarts’ as a b-side?
Certainly, ‘Battleground’ is the sound of a real pop band exploding into ecstatic
maturity, recorded in both the UK (at producer Steve Mac’s studio in London) and the
U.S.A, at singer/songwriter Diane Warren’s L.A studios overlooking the Hollywood sign.
“She’s an evil genius,” laughs Jay, “and also the most ‘real’ person we met out there.”
The lads have pooled a spectrum of production wizards: from Xenomania’s Brian
Higgins (Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie) to their long-term collaborative “dream
team” Steve Mac (JLS, Ronan Keating, Leona Lewis), Wayne Hector (Cheryl Cole,
Britney Spears, The Wanted’s ‘All Time Low’) and Ed Drewett, to acclaimed singer/
song-writer Jack McManus (sometime collaborator with Groove Armada).
Most tellingly of all, the band have found the confidence to put their own stamp on the
writing and production too, allowing the album to reflect what they – five young men
who are almost giddily passionate about music – are listening to right now.
“With the first album we were more involved than I ever thought we would be but this
time round we’ve co-written on nearly every single track or written it - the lyrics, music,
everything,” beams a clearly chuffed Jay. “Obviously music changes year by year and
we’ve incorporated what sounds good to us right now. So there are elements we wouldn’t
have had before. There’s grungy dub-step pop, some of it’s really dark, some of it’s just
All of it is world-class contemporary pop music. The two singles we know already:
electro rave thriller ‘Gold Forever’ (recorded for Comic Relief, No.3 in March 2011) and
the monster Europop summertime No.1, ‘Glad You Came’, which Jay says was the
moment “we could feel things changing for us, getting bigger”. On a promotional radio
tour, adds Max, they saw screens flashing messages from the public, “saying ‘oh my
God, that’s the song of the summer’”. Since its release, The Wanted fever has
undoubtedly stepped up a gear. With their feel-good anthems finding equal favour on
both dancefloors and radio playlists, they are unequivocally the band of the moment.
Proving that beyond all doubt is ‘Battleground’ which is quite possibly the pop album of
the year. From the exhilarating electro-pop of ‘Invincible’ to the tormented strings of
'Warzone' and the throbbing electronics of ‘Mad Man’, the album twists unexpectedly
between both the epic and atmospheric and the sheer euphoria of their own brand of
future-pop, best summed up in astonishing new single ‘Lightning’. Lyrically, the lads
have also progressed, this time taking in the bliss and the treachery of romantic
relationships in equal measures. “It’s not just I love you and you love me,” notes Tom.
“There’s real stuff in there.”
It’s the clearest sign yet that The Wanted now have world domination firmly within their
grasp. This autumn, they’ll take a step closer to realising that possibility when they
support the most famous teenager on Earth, Justin Bieber, on his sell-out South American
tour which includes a show for 120,000 fans in Sao Paulo in October. Self-confessed fan
Justin personally requested The Wanted join him on the road after the band supported the
Canadian pop titan at London’s 02 Arena in March 2011. “The Brazilian fans,” Jay has
heard, “are already going mental.” “We’re having to get two extra security personnel!”
thrills Siva. “And get a van with bullet-proof windows!” marvels Nathan. And that’s just
the start. In early 2012, The Wanted then embark on their inaugural U.K Arena tour
culminating at London’s 02 Arena in March, before jaunts across America, Europe and
Australia. It goes without saying, they simply can’t wait to get started. This is everything
they have worked for and everything they hoped for, and it’s turning out to be more fun
than even they imagined.
“In the end I wanna look back on all this and say, I’ve travelled the world with these
boys,” notes the huge-eyed Max, rather sweetly. “And not only have I made friends for
life, we’ve done something that hardly anyone gets to do. Be successful in music
worldwide. And I know I will never forget that.”
Maximillian Alberto “Max” George, born 6th September 1988 in Manchester. Shaved
head, green/hazel eyes the size of galactic moons. Football fanatic (Man City supporter)
and sometime player with Man City. Sounds like a geezer, blubs like a girl. “Am I the
most masculine member? Maybe! But actually, out of all the boys, I’m the most
affectionate (begins fondling Tom’s knee). I know no one cries like I do at films. I’m such
a soft arse, especially if it’s about animals. When I was a kid I cried when Jaws died. ‘The
Plague Dogs’, an old animation, I was heartbroken, it took me a week to get over that.” A
traditionalist at heart – “a family man, I’m very close to me family” – he’s always
believed in marriage. “Well, I’ve not always had marriage on me mind like - heheh! - but
yeah, I’ve always had family values.”
Siva Kaneswaran, born 16th November 1988 in Ireland. Half Irish, half Sri Lankan. Hair
like Elvis, face like a sculpture in bronze. Began modelling at 16, was signed to the
Storm Agency. The beauty industry taught him: “That there are beautiful people who are
absolutely not beautiful inside. Definitely.” The day he first heard the finished ‘Glad You
Came’ (at an otherwise “boring” meeting on Nathan’s 18th birthday), he’d imbibed so
much champagne he was, notes Jay, “swaying like that!” (vigorous swaying as if a yacht
untethered in a hurricane). Siva spends all of his free time in his home studio, writing and
recording tracks or just playing his guitar. With a soft-spoken Irish brogue, he is
deceptively serene. Jay: “Seev is very down to Earth. Humble. Very creative. He also
brings a sense of balance and culture. And a flute-like singing voice and a green Mini
James “Jay” McGuiness, born 24th July 1990 in Nottingham. Hair of curls like a 10 year
old boy, face of a sensitive poet. Attended dance classes aged 13, graduated from the
Midlands Academy of Dance and Drama (the superbly named MADD) in 2009. Never
shuts up. Sometimes, when asked on the likes of a video shoot, “to play with my collar
like some sort of Armani model”, he feels “like a goon”. Animal lover and lizard owner.
Named PETA’s Sexiest Male Vegetarian 2011. Was pleased to note, while supporting
Justin Bieber at the O2, “I had a brilliant vegetarian selection, from which I feasted”.
Laments the demise of Top Of The Pops. “Back in the day it was Top of the Pops and
now you have to get on the morning (news) shows or somehow get on X Factor. We’ve
done it once, in a guest slot, but it’s like it’s the new Top Of The Pops times millions, you
don’t get those viewing figures on any other programme. Which is a joke!”
Thomas Anthony “Tom” Parker, born 4th August 1988 in Bolton. Hair like a Britpop
guitar player, face like a ‘Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get’ model. An Oasis/
Stereophonic devotee, he’s played guitar since aged 16. Studied Geography at
Manchester Metropolitan University, dropped out to be “Mark Owen” in Take That
tribute band Take That II despite looking nothing like Mark Owen. “No-one looked like
anyone in the band, it was ‘can you sing? Here’s a job!’ (begins singing in a breathy highpitch)
“’Baaaaabe...ah’m here again!’ I used to do Howard at points as well (sings as if
with five feet of lagging around his neck) ‘Neh...vah! For-giiiit where you’re comin’
from!’ I was never Gary though, ‘cos I was shit.” Max: “Tom never stops. He can’t
switch off. We can do fifteen hours of work, get home and I’ll be, ‘I don’t wanna hear
about anything to do with us, I’m turning my phone off, Twitter, everything, I am chillin’.
Whereas he’ll get back and I’ll hear him going (world’s strongest Bolton accent) ‘mate!
We’ve had three and a half million views now! See what it says on Twitter, mate? We’re
top ten in Mexico” (just tweaked as We weren’t sure that Sri Lanka is true!! )
Nathan James Sykes, born 18th April 1993 in Gloucestershire. Proud to admit that he
looks like a feature on the website (featuring,
curiously, Robbie Williams’ teenage eyes). Attended Sylvia Young’s Theatre School from
age 11, enduring 5 a.m commuter starts each day. Winner of several singing competitions
including ‘Britney Spears Karaoke Kriminals’ in 2003. Doyen of sarcasm and dry
humour whose spectacularly rude quips cannot be printed in a family publication. Jay:
“He also does great piano playing and has a good set of teeth.” Nathan: “These aren’t
fake!” Diehard Manchester United supporter and lover of all good soul and R&B music.
Has contemplated calling the Wanted’s second album “Alan”.
Stockholm was formed in the summer of 2009 among four friends who shared the same tastes and appreciation of music. The group began piecing together a small set of original songs, built around previous ideas from individual members. Soon after, completely original ideas began to emerge that eventually lead to some of Stockholm‘s best critically-received songs.
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