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DJ Three

Q-Burns Abstract Message, Digital Interactive Media Artist: VJ AutoMattiC

Wed, December 26, 2012

9:30 pm

The Social

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DJ Three
DJ Three
Currently residing in New York City, Three has been tirelessly holding the flag for underground electronic music in the US since his rise out of the sunny state of Florida in the early 90's. In that time, he's emerged as one of the brightest DJ talents in the US and continues to be a true inspiration for many of us. Three’s tour dates show both diversity in audience and a genre-bending passion for good music; he’s held residencies at NYC’s Twilo, Cielo (Robots), Love and Blk Market Membership, as well as Florida’s legendary Simon’s while playing lauded guest spots at San Francisco’s Wicked party, Fabric (UK), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Blk Market Membership (NYC) and forward thinking events like Japan’s Labyrinth Festival and Australia’s Rainbow Serpent.

Three's label Hallucination Limited was started in 2003 by Three as an off-shoot of the seminal US 90's label Hallucination Recordings which was founded by dance music legends Rabbit In The Moon. Hallucination Recordings was responsible for some of the freshest techno (licensing the Hazed - Bells EP to Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 label in '94), proper electro (miami bass legends Dynamix 2 and Jackal & Hyde) and benchmark releases like Second Hand Satellites - Multiple Mirrors EP (produced by Three and Sean Q6). Armed with a sound that borrows equally from vintage acid-house, techno and underground electronica Hallucination Limited is held in the highest regard getting attention from a wider audience than most most reach. One of the ethos of Hallucination has always been to release music that years later that is still relevant and feels timeless. A perfect example of this is Cassy's Circo Loco mix CD for the July 2011 issue of Mixmag... which contains no less than five tracks from the label catalog! Three's eclectic taste as a DJ and producer shine through just as brightly in his choices for the label.

Following the path of his appeal as a DJ, his rare forays into producing have become staples for DJs of all styles. Three's remix of Mish Mash feat. Lois - 'Speechless' (Lost in Translation mix) for heavyweight UK label Crosstown Rebels received praise across the board including "pick of the month" in the 15 year anniversary issue of DJ Magazine while other productions such as the underground staple that is Second-Hand Satellites and remixes as Three A.M. (with David Christophere of Rabbit In The Moon) like U.N.K.L.E. feat. Ian Brown - 'Reign' continue to be played on dance floors around the world from DJs as diverse as Harvey, Ricardo Villalobos and Lee Burridge.

Coming from the school of American DJs like Josh Wink and Doc Martin, Three has a wide ranging musical palate akin to Andrew Weatherall or Laurent Garnier, and was recently featured as part of DJ Times Magazine’s DJX20 Anniversary profile series as one of twenty DJs who embody the spirit of the American underground along such contemporaries as Josh Wink and Claude Von Stroke.

Aside from his natural ability on the decks, Three sets himself apart from the rest of the pack by presenting eclectic sounds with an open-minded attitude towards everything he does. From DJ sets to musical output, Three is a "DJ's DJ" who has always leaned toward the cutting edge without losing touch with the roots of house and techno.
Q-Burns Abstract Message
Q-Burns Abstract Message
Coaxing the maximum soul out of the machine

In the realm of dance music, there are few producers that thrive on blurring the
boundary between eclectic experimenter and populist ass-shaker as much as
Q-Burns Abstract Message. Equally comfortable covering Krautrock legends
Faust or dropping his favorite chunky house grooves into the mix, Q-BAM—
known to his parents as Michael Donaldson—is indeed the rare auteur. Whether
globetrotting as a DJ, co-running the Eighth Dimension Records label, remixing
artists like Rabbit in the Moon, Fila Brazillia and Youssou N'Dour, or recording his
own original productions, Donaldson is all about the coaxing the maximum soul
out of the machine.

Based in Orlando since the early-’90s, the former record shop owner and college
radio DJ has spent the past two decades developing a sound that is obsessively
devoted to the funk. His animated, vodka-soaked DJ sets have won audiences
for the well-traveled Donaldson from San Francisco to (literally) Siberia, and
landed him primo opening slots for GusGus, Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat

However, it’s his playful rhythms, surprising melodic themes and not-so-
surprising Eno-esque textures that demand attention. An accomplished indie
musician prior to releasing his first single as Q-BAM—the breakbeat noir of “141
Revenge Street” in 1995—Donaldson is first and foremost a songwriter, albeit
one that is just as enamored with the sheer power of the groove.

With a trusty Roland Juno 106 synth at his side, Q-BAM released three full-
length albums via the respected electronic label Astralwerks, including Invisible
Airline which featured several collaborations with vocalist Lisa Shaw. He has
recorded numerous singles for house-centric imprints such as Brique Rouge,
Slip N’ Slide, NRK and of course, Eighth Dimension. Q-BAM was also one of the
talented producers on alt-country icon Jim White’s 2001 Luaka Bop release No
Such Place. The album cast White’s stark vocals in a wasteland of dusty beats
and ghostly slide guitars, with Donaldson’s tracks providing some of its most
intoxicating moments.

Though his “endless summer” schedule—more than 100 DJ dates annually—
and ongoing production projects would seemingly exhaust a mere mortal, Q-
BAM rather enjoys this 120-BPM soundtrack. Accordingly, Donaldson and

fellow Orlando producer/DJ Atnarko launched the deep house label EIGHT-
TRACKS, dedicated to releasing “strange sounds that you can dance to,” says
Q-BAM himself. Additionally, house imprint Agave Records tapped Donaldson to
throw down a mix CD titled Agave Nectar Vol. 1, available in fine records shops

Currently, Q-BAM is hard at work with his monthly Invisible Airwaves radio
show (syndicated to over a dozen stations worldwide) as well as studio and
label duties, and his constant DJ touring schedule. Recent Q-Burns Abstract
Message singles include the Italian-horror film inspired “Chainsaw” for EIGHT-
TRACKS, a collection of remixes by Cole Medina and Presslaboys of the classic
Invisible Airline track “Innocent” (featuring the vocals of Lisa Shaw), and a
revamped “Balearic Chainsaw” with mixes by Q-BAM pal Scott Hardkiss. As if
there wasn’t already enough deliciously warm and gooey queso already piled
high on his plate, Q-BAM is also hard at work recording a slew of tracks for an
upcoming mystery project, to be launched sometime within the year.

Venue Information:
The Social
54 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL, 32801