Control This, Askultura

Control This, Askultura

UNRB, After The Fact

Sat, December 1, 2012

9:00 pm

The Social

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

All lineups and times subject to change

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Control This!
Control This!
Control This! has quickly risen to the top of the Central Florida ska and reggae scene since its formation in March of 2012. Formed by saxophonist Jeff Richey, Control This! provides authentic ska, rocksteady and early reggae sounds. After touring the globe for 9+ years in the legendary 2-tone and 3rd wave ska band, The Toasters, Jeff has decided to go back and rediscover the root of his passion for Jamaican music. Control This! pays tribute to Studio One and Treasure Isle sounds of the 1960's and 1970's. From fast-paced traditional ska instrumentals, to the bubbling sounds of rocksteady, to the heavy sounds of lover's rock and reggae, Control This! touch on all the nuances and sophistication of the early Jamaican music.
Superpunk Skarantella Reggae Rumba Fury!

ASKU! Our 10 members hail from the USA (Florida, New York, Oklahoma), Cuba, Italy, France, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. We are what one would expect from a mix of punk kids, rockindios, an indie trombone player, unemployed massage therapists, immigrants, santeria priests, dog owners, tokers and boozers, etc! What results in the music are very diverse & bizarre influences from adapted santo beats, punk, ska, reggae, cumbia, italian folk, oi, flamenco, patchanka, and more.

This band could not have developed anywhere but Miami! In 2007, italian-american frontman & guitarist Andrew Chisena left New York with four songs and a desire to meet other musicians with whom he could share a vision. He quickly met french bass player Mathieu Bernard and it took two years of writing songs and searching for band members with good quality & heart to finally play a show... the unleashing of and catharsis for Askultura was undeniably fierce, positive, and swelling!

Colombian-american drummer Johnny Colorado sits behind a traditional 5-piece set with a latin percussion rig at his side and provides the hard-hitting punk beats, the best 1-drop reggae, and the strong yet delicate touch needed in meeting the bands desire to play with husher tones like the folk musics from Italy, Colombia, France, Cuba, and the US. By his side are Cuban conga & tumba player Jason "Tio" Rodriguez and Nebraskan washboard player Captain T.J. MacEllroy. Young cuban-american trombone and trumpet player Eddie Gonzalez is a badass on the bone and adds power, melody, and a tight-knit fro, yes a fro. We're talking about his hair. Lead guitar Sergio Gato adds thick sound, years of experience, and wide range of technique to the mix. Accordionist Gabriel Reyes adds the punch & quality necessary for the next evolution of Askultura, and is also the bands internal graphic designer, practice-house owner, as well as being a bloody-knuckled ex-bass player for Propagandhi-esque Miami HC/punk band Mindyou. Next to Andrew at the front of the stage is Jennifer Pierre, a seductress, a smokey voice, a silky smooth vocalist from the Dominican Republic who was once described as having "the voice of an angel and the hands of a sumo wrestler."

When all instruments thromb & six of the nine members are singing Asku becomes an undeniable force. Roll together America Latina and Europe, throw in some furious reggae punk ska, lyrics that have the intention of getting an audience to emulsify, move, and repeat and you have Askultura…the jumble word that comes from italian "ascolta la cultura" or "listen to culture."
UNRB is a 7-piece band from St. Petersburg, FL. The band contains very unorthodox instrumentation, using an electric ukulele instead of a guitar and featuring a powerful 4-piece horn section that routinely switches instruments between songs. Their music touches almost every genre including ska, rock, funk, blues, jazz, reggae, polka, even some classical… nothing is off limits. Their live shows are extremely high-energy and often include brief humorous banter in between songs. With this combination of explosive sound and electrifying stage presence, UNRB quickly established itself in the Tampa Bay area and built a loyal fan base. In the summer of 2011 they embarked on a statewide tour, recorded a self-titled EP (available on iTunes and CD Baby) and played multiple large-scale festivals. In December 2011 they played 3 shows in NYC and received an offer from radio station WRCN to return and perform live on the Real Radio Show. UNRB has received some recognition for their talent, winning the grand prize at the 2011 Pigfest Regional Battle of the Bands in Tallahassee and winning the 2011 Songwriter's Showcases of America "Most Unique Style" Award at the 11th Annual DeLand Original Music Festival. The band has big plans for 2012, including a return trip to NYC, multiple dates at major festivals, a bigger and badder summer tour, and the release of their first full-length album.
After The Fact
Hey guys! We are After The Fact!, a 5 piece Pop Punk/Ska band from Ft.Myers, FL that loves havin fun & tries to make it shine brightly thru everything we do. From promoting on the street, supporting our local scene, to playing overly energetic shows on stage we've tried to live up to our reputation as a band that works hard for not just ourselves but for all the other bands that we play with & always do our best to get the crowd involved as much as possible at our shows and do what we can to make sure everyone is always having a good time!
Venue Information:
The Social
54 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL, 32801