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  1. See STRFKR this Wednesday at The Social

    This Wednesday, Portland natives STRFKR are coming to The Social to promote their latest effort, Miracle Mile. The synthy, dancey, indie poppy, electronic blending band are performing in less than two days, playing songs from their four album discography and getting support by bands Chrome Sparks and Feelings.

    Since the band’s emergence in 2008, STRFKR made waves through numerous blogs and Internet publications for their catchy pop tunes. Performing songs from their original self-titled, Starfucker, as well as 2009′s Jupiter, 2011′s Reptilians, and this year’s Miracle Mile, this will indeed be a very danceable show. With a similar synthy-indie pop style to Passion Pit and MGMT, their contagious catchiness will be the cause of celebration Wednesday night.

    STRFKR is happily being supported at The Social with two other solid musical acts:  Chrome Sparks and Feelings. Chrome Sparks is an exciting act to see playing live, providing a chillout atmosphere that is still laced with groovy bass lines and danceable tunes, really creating a great show experience.  Feelings is a dark, lofi sounding artist, complete with lots of synths and bass.

    STRFKR tickets are $20 at the door, so if purchased before the show, the better the price is. Grab your ticket to see STRFKR, Feelings, and Chrome Sparks for $17 now.

  2. See Anamanaguchi & Kitty this Tuesday at The Social

    If Furbees, video games, neon colors, and the Internet interest you even somewhat, you may already know of Anamanaguchi and Kitty Pryde. The two of been the leading wave of music blog talk since premiering, circulating the likes of Tumblr and geeky websites alike.

    For those who don’t already know of Anamanaguchi, here’s quick run-down:

    The four-piece band started creating music in 2004, and debuted their first EP, Power Supply, in 2006. The band used a combination of 8bit sounds from old Nintendo gaming systems from the mid to late 80′s with the NES and Gameboy, along with a touch of “simple pop,” self described as being similar to Weezer and Beach Boys. They dropped their debut LP, Dawn Metropolis, in 2009, and received critical acclaim. The following years were spent crafted video game soundtracks for Bit.Trip Runner and the popular Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. They launched a Kickstarter to raise money for their latest album, Endless Fantasy (in which they’re promoting this tour!) and in just 11 hours, their funding goal of $50,000 was reached, but ultimately was backed by 7,253 people who contributed a grand total of $277,399, making Anamanguchi‘s Endless Fantasy the second-successful music related Kickstarter, behind Amanda Palmer.

    Here’s a gem from Anamanaguchi‘s latest album, Endless Fantasy, titled “Meow,” which is a neon-colored video of an amazing time at the county fair riddled in numerous cat samples.

    YouTube Preview Image

    The band also recorded a music video for the album’s title track in which they launched a slice of pizza into space. The band’s bass player, James DeVito, received an email from an environmental medicine professor at NYU, who learned about the video after a family found the pizza landed in their backyard. They almost lost all the footage, had the family called the NY bomb squad about the incident.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Floridian rapper, Kitty, has been steadily skipping through the Internet since her viral debut last year. She got the attention of rapper RiFF RAFF, and the two collaborated on a song called “Orion’s Belt,” which has garnered over a million views on YouTube so far. Her delivery is extremely lazy and super casual, almost stumbling over the beats she chooses to play over. Her success drives from Tumblr and other social media outlets, gathering the attention of both peers and music critics. Her song, “Ok Cupid,” ranked number 17 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of top 50 songs of 2012.

    YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

    Kitty takes production from numerous sources, such as boyfriend Hot Sugar (who produced the track above), Beautiful Lou, and GRANT Beats, who will be opening the show on Tuesday night. GRANT Beats has released a few tapes on Bandcamp, combining 90′s boom bap with modern southern/trap influence.

    The show will be absolutely insane and it’s almost sold out. Admirers of Anamanaguchi already know what Tuesday night will bring alongside them, including vivid colored spectrums, a costumed audience, and probably lots of Furbees. Don’t miss your opportunity to party with one of the coolest bands to have ever performed, this Tuesday night, at The Social.

    See Anamanguchi, Kitty, and GRANT Beats for $10 by buying your tickets in advanced, via TicketFly.

    $12 at the door, all ages.

  3. Music Video: Kurt Vile – KV Crimes

    From his Wakin on a Pretty Daze album, Kurt Vile has released this music video for “KV Crimes,” directed by Tom Scharpling. The video has Vile being paraded around Philadelphia and being worshipped like the Philly king he is.

    His label, Matador, notes that August 28 will be officially Kurt Vile Day in Philly, which has been officially named by the city’s mayor. Kurt Vile will be presented a Liberty Bell Award on August 28. Matador describes the award as “the highest honor the City can bestow upon one of its citizens… given only to native Philadelphians, and presented in recognition of outstanding professional achievements and civic generosity.”

  4. Questlove vs. Nardwuar

    This is a pretty lengthy interview that Nardwuar got a chance to conduct with drummer and joint frontment of The Roots, Questlove. Cool Questo spoke with Nardwuar for about 46 minutes long, going back and forth with Nardwuar about old soul and funk records and groups from decades ago. It’s a very interesting watch and Questlove loves showing off his heartfelt laugh throughout.

  5. Free MP3: Earl Sweatshirt & RiFF RAFF – “Yacht Lash” Produced by Harry Fraud

    Hip-hop producer Harry Fraud is prepping his EP release, High Tide, for May 7th. To build hype, one of the tracks from the EP, “Yacht Lash,” featuring Earl Sweatshirt and RiFF RAFF, is available for free as a download, thanks to Scion A/V.

    Here’s the tracklist for the High Tide EP, featuring Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, and others:

    01 Rising [ft. Tech N9ne]
    02 Loopy [ft. Chinx Drugz and Smoke DZA]
    03 Tell Em Bout It [ft. Mistah F.A.B. and Troy Ave.]
    04 Mean [ft. French Montana and Action Bronson]
    05 Yacht Lash [ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Riff Raff]

  6. Adult Swim Announces Free Compilation Called “Garage Swim,” Releases New Song from Thee Oh Sees

    May 6 marks the date in which Adult Swim will be releasing their free-to-download garage rock compilation album, titled Garage Swim. The album is sponsored by Dr. Pepper, and will feature unreleased singles from the Black Lips, King Tuff, Mikal Cronin, JEFF the Brotherhood, the Gories, King Khan and the Gris Gris, Mind Spiders, Bass Drum of Death, and others.

    Thee Oh Sees has a track available online, via William Street Records‘ Soundcloud, titled “Devil Again.” Hear it here.

    Peep the tracklist below.

    01 Bass Drum of Death: “Dregs”
    02 Apache Dropout: “Constant Plaything”
    03 Thee Oh Sees: “Devil Again”
    04 King Tuff: “She’s on Fire”
    05 JEFF the Brotherhood: “Melting Place”
    06 Black Lips: “Cruising”
    07 King Khan and the Gris Gris: “Discreate Disguise”
    08 Mikal Cronin: “Better Man”
    09 Mind Spiders: “They Lie”
    10 Cheap Time: “Kill the Light”
    11 King Louie’s Missing Monuments: “Covered in Ice”
    12 OBN IIIs: “A Good Lover”
    13 The Gories: “On the Run”
    14 King Khan: “Strange Ways”
    15 Weekend: “Teal Kia”

  7. Music Video: Mac Miller – “S.D.S.”

    It’s funny — now that Mac Miller has this track out that’s produced by Flying Lotus, people who didn’t care about Mac Miller are now starting to, me included. This beat is dope, his flow is on point, and the video is something as silly as an old Slim Shady video. Great stuff here.

  8. New Quasimoto Album Announced, Releases “Planned Attack”

    Quasimoto, the cartoon alter-ego of hip-hop producer Madlib, is prepping an upcoming release titled Yessir Whatever. The album will be a compilation of b-sides and rarities, including 12 tracks recorded over a roughly 12-year period. The LP & CD will “come with a peel-off cover sticker revealing Quasimoto’s guts,” while the LP will release with a bonus 7-inch single. Details on the album and pre-order goods can be found here, via Stones Throw‘s official website.

    According to the press release, the album’s title might’ve spawned from this:

    …As for Quasimoto – usually represented by pen & ink with brick in hand – he has been many things over the years: rapper, cartoon, the poor-man’s Gorillaz, a toy, bad tattoo, internet meme. To all this Lord Quas might say, yessir … whatever. It’s all about the music.

    The first track released from the upcoming compilation is titled “Planned Attack,” and can be heard here, via Stones Throw’s Soundcloud page.

  9. Album Review: Deerhunter – Monomania

    I was first introduced to Deerhunter with their 2008 release, Microcastle, which was a deliciously fun, noisy record full of dreamy guitars and a cohesive amount of pop. It was a grand album that gradually got dreamier with each track it threw out, echoing its strings and sometimes whispering vocals that seemed to get lost within the dreamlike presentation. This band was something of its own category, blending shoegaze and indie rock into a perfectly concise sound.

    Flash forward five years later, Deerhunter and frontman Bradford Cox have created a significantly solid discography. As a group, Deerhunter has released five studio albums and four EPs, with Monomania being the sixth staple in the collection — most all being critically acclaimed. Frontman Bradford Cox has released three albums as a semi-solo artist called Atlas Sound, as well as four volumes of music that are up for grabs and completely free via his blog, and a couple of other “virtual 7-inch,” downloads. While bandmate Lockett Pundt has released two albums as Lotus Plaza, it’s very clear what this album title is strictly referring to: Bradford Cox’ absolute need to create music.

    Monomania is defined as a form of partial insanity with a single phenomena or preoccupation, or just heavy concentration on one subject. In this case, it’s either Bradford’s obsession with making music or some of them themes brought to the album itself. It’s also been stated by Cox himself in a Rolling Stone interview back in 2011 to promote Atlas Sound’s Parallax.

    …And I guess my time as a musician has gone by so fast that I realized that I have no personal life. The other guys in Deerhunter, they all found things. And I just have monomania. I always will. I’m obsessive about one thing, that there’s one thing that’s going to make me happy and it’s making music, or there’s one thing that’s going to make me happy and it’s this person.

    Monomania‘s Deerhunter’s sixth full-length effort to date, and more the reason to naming the appropriate album title.

    The album opens up with “Neon Junkyard,” a track where Cox delivers Bowie-esque vocals with a freak-folk vibe. The song’s lyrics deal with neon and I’m guessing an obsession with neon lights all around Cox (neon’s even on the album cover). The vocals are very rough and blaring, with a heavy emphasis on distortion and fuzz all around the background atmosphere. Things get even louder on the next track, “Leather Jacket II,” which is a blend of sounds featuring a ton of scribbling guitar fuzz, clambering cymbals, and screaming vocals which literally sound as if they were coming through a megaphone that was connected to alarm clock radio speakers.

    Instantly, the clammering is toned down with the next lineup of tracks “Pensicola,” and “The Missing,” and “Dream Captain.” Deerhunter is definitely pulling from early inspirations such as T. Rex, David Bowie, and Sonic Youth, giving listeners a boom of noise while coinciding confident growling vocals and smooth garage-rock electric guitar. These songs bleed 70′s influence with hints of modern ties — it’s wonderful and a great blend. On “Dream Captain,” Cox sings the lyrics, “I’m a poor boy from a poor family,” helping reinforce that early rock n’ roll sound by use of Queen lyrics. “Pensicola,” and “The Missing,” are two tracks that sonically sound like every band that has influenced American rock n’ roll. It’s a bit unexpected from Deerhunter, but it’s welcomed with open arms as the band seems comfortable with their direction.

    “T.H.M.,” features Cox panting in a manner a dog would, breathing over a microphone manically with every measure. “Sleepwalking,” take the old vibes they pull influence from and splice a little bit of The Strokes and modern-indie rock sounds into the mix. The title track, “Monomania,” comes back to the initial sound of the record, bringing back the moderately sexy blaring guitars and fuzz, as well as the words “mono monomania,” being repeated at around two minutes straight with non-stop guitar noise and banging cymbals in the background. It’s loud and I dig that.

    The thing is, Monomania, seems to be one-fourth loud and blaring noise and three-quarters toned-down noise-rock, similar to Yuck or Kurt Vile. The entire thing is almost an ode to rock n’ roll music. That’s not a bad thing, but for Deerhunter, it’s a bit of a change in direction most wouldn’t expect. Cox is heavily influenced by Bowie and the glam-rock scene and older psychedelic bands, so this album definitely bleeds with the same noise and fuzz the 70′s and 80′s helped produce. It’s a great mixup, almost perfectly executed with their own style.


    Stream the album here in its entirety, via NPR.